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Disability Benefits 101 Online Calculator

To assist persons with disabilities on Medicaid with re entering the work force, MDCH has supported development of a Michigan specific website to enable persons to calculate the impact of wage earnings on their medical insurance benefits. This on-line benefits calculator/estimator allows an individual to project how accepting a job, more hours, or more wages may impact their medical benefits. These are estimations based on the information entered. This new tool is at www.mi.db101.org.

The online calculator is available 24/7/365 and the information is confidential – it only requires month/year of birth and zip code to calculate benefits. There are direct links to supporting information and/or contacts. The web site can assist persons to become more self-determined and empowered by:
· Saving sessions to discuss with agencies
· Recalling on-line with your chosen password
· Printing out details (up to 60 month projection)

This calculator is not intended to replace full benefits planning provided by Work Incentives Planning and Assistance (WIPA) projects. WIPA contacts are shown at http://www.arcmi.org/new/wipa.contact.htm